Guest Reviews

These are actual excerpts that can be found in our Villa Kyody Guestbook!

August 2016
“The arrival to Villa Kyody set our family up for a gorgeous week in paradise. We love the Buddha lounge, and even in a rainstorm, we enjoyed the outdoor areas, and pool time, morning until night!”

August 2016
“Thank you so much for having us in your wonderful home, it is such a beautiful spot.”

July 2016
“Villa Kyody is a special place, we really enjoyed the meditation garden and the pool. This will remain one of our fondest places.”

July 2016
“Villa Kyody was just as wonderful as the last time we stayed here!”

June 2016
“Villa Kyody is a ‘Dream Place’ to where we want to come back again and again!”

May 2016
“We have been coming to St. Barth since 1989 and have stayed at Villa Kyody every year since 2010. This home is absolutely special to us and we appreciate being able to phone to the U.S. for free! Our only wish is we had discovered Villa Kyody earlier.”

May 2016
“Staying at Villa Kyody is the only place I could ever stay on the Island. It completely captures the beauty of the Island. Kyody is my favorite place on the planet.”

May 2016
“I thank villa Kyody for framing the red morning sun that I wake up to, for the glimmering pool that slowly roasts my skin and the ritual of popping champagne underneath the eyes of Buddha.”

May 2016
“Heaven on earth. There is no other place on St. Barth i would have rather stayed than Villa Kyody. Anyone that gets a chance to stay here is lucky. We will be back, this place is addicting.”

May 2016
“Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful Villa. This place is a dream. Our 2nd stay at Kyody – fell more in love with the Villa. It’s the perfect getaway.”

April 2016
“Thank you , does not begin to express how we feel about this fabulous week at your gorgeous villa!”

April 2016
“Our stay has been fabulous, the Villa was so wonderful & cozy. Can’t wait to come back to this piece of heaven”

March 2016
“This is our 9th year straight of enjoying your very special Villa Kyody!! It helps us get through the New England winters”

KDY PIX - 2008 023 December 2015
“We have been coming to St. Barth since 1979. Been to many villas – This place ROCKS! We will be back!!”

November 2015
“What a truly stunning villa! Our family knew we would have another wonderful trip to St. Barth, but we had no idea your villa would be this special. Photographs do not do it justice! We will be back.”

November 2015
“After so many years of hearing about Villa Kyody, it was a treat. Thank you for sharing this slice of paradise with us. We will be back.”

August 2015
“Thank you for sharing your little slice of Heaven with us! Staying here for an incredible week was above and beyond my expectations.”

July 2015
“Villa Kyody is exceptionally beautiful, with everything we needed for a peaceful, easy stay. The view, surroundings and the pool make it Heaven”

June 2015
“This is our first time to St. Barth and staying here at Villa Kyody has been the most perfect honeymoon!”

May 2015
“What a truly magical spot you have! This is our 5th visit and our best trip yet, in great part due to your villa!! Thanks for creating such a great home way from home…..loved it all”

039_39 April 2015
“Kyody is the finest little piece of Heaven on Earth!

March 2015
“I spent the entire month of March here at Villa Kyody. I will do so again next March with all my friends and family coming and going every week”

February 2015
“Many thanks for sharing your marvelous Villa with us for two weeks, now our 8th year here at Kyody.  We saw whales, tortoises and pelicans as we lounged on the Buddha deck and by the pool.  We love this special place.”

December 2014
“This is our 3rd trip to St. Barth.  Absolutely love everything about Villa Kyody, the views, the grounds, and the wide open spaces.  You have thought of EVERYTHING to make your guests feel at home.”

November 2014
“Thank you for the most wonderful stay in your beautiful Villa”

November 2014
“Our 4th visit to St. Barth.  We loved calling Kyody our home for a week.  The Island was perfect and the Villa extraordinary.”

August 2014
“This was my first time here at Villa Kyody, and it was amazing!”

August 2014
“Thank you for your amazing Villa Kyody, we loved it!  We will definitely be back very soon!”

July 2014
“This is our second time at your stunning Villa.  It was truly a magnificent vacation and we plan to return to Villa Kyody.”

June 2014
“After all the wonderful stories, I thought there was no way Villa Kyody could be so amazing, but it actually exceeded my expectations!

June 2014
“Our second time at Villa Kyody and this time was just as wonderful as the first”.

March 2014
“Loved this house…..looking forward to our return”

February 2014
“We’ve greatly enjoyed our 7th stay at Villa Kyody……a magical place!”

January 2014
“This is our 21st visit to St. Barth, first at your villa….. we enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings.  Thank you for the use of your U.S. phone, a first for us.”

January 2014
“Don’t think I’ve slept this well anywhere over the last four years, I belive your home is truly special”

December 2013
“Two very special weeks at your magical Villa”

November 2013
“Thank you for a wonderful stay in your beautiful Villa.  Loved the views, villa and outdoor space.  Be sure to use the outdoor shower!  This house has real character”

August 2013
“Kyody was the perfect villa.”

July 2013
“After many trips to St. Barth, it is really nice to have found villa Kyody.  The villa is great, very private and accommodating for many.  What a view with a sunrise well worth getting up to see.  We will be back here again as we always do once we find a place as well cared for as Kyody.”

July 2013
“Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful home, it was the perfect villa.”

June 2013
“Returning to St. Barth and Villa Kyody is one of those rare life experiences that you can look forward to with great expectations….and are never disappointed.  We love it here and look forward to our next visit.”
May 2013
“I came looking for paradise and I found it here.  This is my 5th trip to St. Barth.  The elegance and style of this villa is terrific!  No place I have previously stayed compares to Villa Kyody.  I shall return.”

April 2013
“We’ve been coming to St. Barth since 2006 and this is our 2nd stay in your beautiful home.  It is our favorite villa by far.  The views, the ambiance, the amenities and decor are just perfect!”

March 2013
“Our 6th stay at Kyody was just as special as each one before it.  We delight in everything about this villa”

February 2013
“Always a treat to visit Kyody!  A warm and gracious home away from home.”

January 2013
“This was our 2nd visit to Kyody.  We love this villa!  So much charm.”

January 2013
“Thank you for letting us stay in your fantastic villa.  The view was beautiful, especially right at the beginning of the day (Sunrise).”

November 2012
“We had the privilege of staying at your exquisite villa, it was perfect!  Not only were we thrilled with it’s beauty and expansive elegance, but we were overwhelmed by it’s spectacular views, relaxing ambience and amazing foliage. And the cleanliness of your villa was impeccable”

August 2012
“This was our 1st stay at Villa Kyody.  The view and the gardens are exceptional.  We enjoyed the privacy of the pool area.  The home is nicely decorated and offers many sitting areas.  The lighting was also beautiful at night, and we liked the outdoor speaker system.”

August 2012
“This is our 1st time in St. Barths and the experience was beyond all expectations.  Thank you for sharing your absolutely exquisite home with us.  Kyody clearly has been nurtured with love, music & care.”

July 2012
“Wow!  Coming from Seattle this place is perfect.  We will be back soon and staying here again.  Beautiful and comfortable.  The pool, views & villa were all perfect.”

July 2012
“This is our 6th summer to enjoy your villa.  It feels like home away from home for us.”

June 2012
“Villa Kyody is absolutely amazing!  The views are spectacular and the breezes very refreshing.  I hope to be spending many anniversaries here at Kyody”

June 2012
“I can’t thank you enough for opening your home to us for our honeymoon, it was perfect!

June 2012
“This was our 3rd time at your lovely villa and we had an amazing time as always.”

May 2012
“Thank you for sharing your villa with us.  It was the perfect setting for our intimate wedding ceremony, right on your Buddha Deck!

April 2012
“No better way to show St. Barth to one of our dearest friends than to do it from your gorgeous villa.  Thank you a 1000 times over, everything was perfect.”

April 2012
“Thank you for sharing your home with us a 2nd time.”

March 2012
“We’ve had a fabulous vacation once again at Villa Kyody.  We look forward our return next year”

February 2012
“I have always wanted to rent this villa and this year it worked.  We had the most wonderful time enjoying Kyody.  Keeping fingers crossed for 2013.”

January 2012
“After 14 years and many villas, I think we’ve found the winner!”

January 2012
“We are bak again at Kyody for our 4th year.  Everything is as peaceful and beautiful as always.”

December 2011
“Our 7th visit to this perfect Island.  As for Kyody, well it’s perfect, what a gorgeous spot”

November 2011
“This was our first stay at Kyody and it was fantastic!”

23 August 2011
“A wonderful place.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  Everything was perfect.  We hope to come back very soon.”

May 2011
“Thank you very much for letting us stay at this wonderful Villa Kyody! It is gorgeous! We couldn’t have a better place to stay. Everything in Kyody is so accommodating – magnificent. View from every window is spectacular, bed is so comfortable. We hope to come back”

May 2011
“We have really enjoyed our time at Villa Kyody on our honeymoon. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We really appreciated the US phone and internet access”

April 2011
“Thank you so much, this was the best honeymoon we could have ever imagined! Your villa is spectacular! We loved having breakfast on the deck overlooking the amazing views. We woke up almost every morning with the sunrise, just stunning!”

March 2011
“We had a magnificent time at your villa. This is our 4th time to St. Barth’s and your home has been our favorite. Thank you for the memories!”

March 2011
“Thank you so much for sharing your amazing home here in this crazy beautiful place. Your home is fantastic and we so enjoyed the breezes, lounging by the pool, cocktails on the Buddha deck taking in the gorgeous views – everything about it was spectacular.”

23 February 2011
“Our thanks to you for making our 4th getaway at KYODY yet another magical vacation.”

January 2011
“This is the 3rd year that you are sharing your villa with us. It has become a very special retreat for us. We home to return again next year.”

November 2010
“Wow! What a lovely villa Kyody is! How blessed you are to own such a treasure. The house flows so well, and wonderfully furnished, with pieces that obviously mean a great deal to you. We loved the gardens – the loveliest we have seen here. And – THE VIEW!!! Just spectacular!”

August 2010
“Your home is picture perfect inside and out. We loved the endless ocean views, pool, privacy, garden…..Everything! This proved to be the most perfect honeymoon trip.”

August 2010
“Once again we have had a spectacular week in Villa Kyody! This was our 5th stay in your beautiful villa. This was our 15th trip to the Island and Kyody with it’s views, architecture, and breezes is our very favorite spot!”

July 2010
“We had a wonderful stay at the lovely Villa Kyody. The views, the decks, the furnishings all contributed to a great family vacation. Our first visit to St. Bart’s will not be our last”

May 2010
“We absolutely LOVED Villa Kyody! This was our first visit to St. Barth’s and we’re so glad we decided to stay at your lovely house. Our favorite parts were the pool, views and overall welcoming feel to the house.”

April 2010
“We had a spectacular week at Kyody. Everything from the deck to the deck to the deck, was wonderful. This was our 5th visit to me the island but first time here and Kyody and we will surely return.”

March 2010
“We had a wonderful 3rd visit here at Kyody, and enjoyed all the conveniences and charm of your terrific villa.

January 2010
“We really enjoyed your villa for the second time. The ambiance and views are spectacular. This our 12th year on St. Barth and this is the most comfortable villa we’ve stayed at. See you next year.”

October 2009
“Villa Kyody is so beautiful and welcoming, the whole experience made our first visit to the island a memorable one. The views here are absolutely breath taking!”

August 2009
“Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. We needed some time to get away to rest and relax, and Villa Kyody was exactly right.”

August 2009
“Thank you for once again sharing this beautiful, magical place with our family. This is our 4th visit to Villa Kyody and we enjoy it more each year.”

June 2009
“It is difficult to find words that have not already been used to describe our experience at Villa Kyody. The stunning views and comfortable amenities. We used the pool morning, noon and night! Spectacular! As were the four poster bed and views of the ocean from the master bedroom”

January 2009
“Your Villa is gorgeous. We really loved the views, breezes, pool and stereo”

January 2009
“This is our 11th year to St. Barths and we have stayed at many villas here. However, yours is by far the nicest we have stayed at. The view, comfort, cleanliness and especially the spiritual feeling and sounds that surround are are felt in this Villa are all very special.”

January 2009
“We really enjoyed our week in your wonderful Villa. Our 5th time and will be back next year”

November 2008
“Thanks for letting us stay at your Villa, it is very beautiful and cozy, and commands a magnificent view”

November 2008
“What a lovely Villa you have! We enjoyed the layout, great floor plan, wonderful seating areas, beautiful gardens, etc”

August 2008
“Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful home. We couldn’t think of a better place to stay on our honeymoon. Your house ROCKS!”

August 2008
“The Villa Kyody was so welcoming to our family. Thank you for helping to create such a vacation for us”

August 2008
“We had another fantastic week in your beautiful home, our 10th visit. I can not imagine a more perfect Villa than yours”

July 2008
“We love your wonderful Villa, very quaint & charming. Than you for the American TV networks. Villa Kyody took our breath away”

July 2008
“I can’t imagine a more quaint, private, beautiful view, friendly staff, or better location on the Island.” Villa Kyody is perfect. The wonderful pool was our favorite place day & nite”

June 2008

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful Villa Kyody. We could have been more relaxed”

May 2008
“Our 3rd visit to Villa Kyody. This Villa is so comfortable and spacious & magic. We love everything about it……so much we decided to stay two weeks instead of just one”

April 2008
“Thank you for extending your beautiful & magical home to us. We absolutely love it”

March 2008
“We love Villa Kyody, this was our 5th trip and we can’t wait to come back”

March 2008
“This is our 13th stay on St. Barth and we found Kyody one of the most beautiful and well appointed and cared for homes we’ve been fortunate to stay at”

February 2008
“we enjoyed a wonderful stay in your Villa! The house is beautiful and whoever landscaped it and designed the outdoor areas is a genius!

November/December 2007
“This is our 9th trip to St. Barth’s. We have had our eye on Villa Kyody for some time. We had HIGH expectations for the appointments and details here. We must say that are expectations were EXCEEDED! We were ga-ga over the details in the villa. The staff were very professional. The sound system was ‘Best In Show’!”

August 2007
“We have been to St. Barth’s seven times and Villa Kyody is one of our favorites. Everything about our stay was perfect.”

August 2007
“This is our 8th trip to St. Barth and our 2nd stay in your beautiful home. We enjoy swimming in the pool with the best view and prettiest rock face on the Island. Kyody is by far our favorite villa we have stayed in.”

August 2007
“Thank you for once again allowing us the privilege of staying in your home. One week wasn’t enough last year, and ten days are not enough this year. We will be returning again Feb ’08.”

July 2007
“Villa Kyody has stunning views, gentle breezes and ultimate privacy. Music by the pool and pergola.”

July 2007
“We could not have picked a more perfect villa to enjoy our first trip to St. Barth’s for our 20th anniversary. Villla Kyody has so many things to offer and I don’t think we overlooked any of the various wonders of each nook & cranny.”

23 June 2007
“Just wrapping up another stay at your gracious home. This is our second stay here at Villa Kyody and once again, everything is perfect,”

June 2007
“It is absolutely paradise here at your place. We feel so lucky to have experience St. Barth’s while staying at your incredible villa.”

May 2007
“This St Barth’s trip was non-stop amazing. It was our second trip to paradise. Your vill is EXQUISITE!”

March 2007
“If we were to design the perfect vacation spot from scratch, this would be it! We will definitely be back next year! (Couple has already rebooked for 2008)”

March 2007
“This is our fifth year coming to St. Bart’s, but we have never stayed anywhere as enchanting as Villa Kyody. From the impeccable gardens to the lovely evening breeze, I can’t think of a more perfect spot on Earth. Even our 20 month old daughter enjoyed it and enjoyed the wildlife (in the garden) including a live tortoise and colorful parrot!”

March 2007
“9 years in a row (to St. Barth’s) and the 2nd year at your fabulous Villa Kyody…we love the big open spaces, especially the new Buddha Garden! Hope to return soon.”

February 2007
“20 years on St. Barth’s – many villas – Villa Kyody is special. Very livable & many places to relax, feels like a home.”

December 2006
“We sadly bid farewell to the wonderful Villa Kyody. This is our 2nd stay in this magical villa and we love it even more this time. The lush grounds are so beautiful and we love the sense of space combined with the coziness.”

November 2006
“Our third visit to Kyody and our breathless anticipation was met by changes & upgrades that only improve upon the greatest spot on Earth! What a thoughtful change – covered area with fabulous views. We love the sun but will forever cherish the cool breezes and shade of your newly created spaces. Great vision, great execution.”

August 2006
“This was the most incredible honeymoon newlyweds could hope for. Thank you for providing the perfect setting for a romantic and relaxing vacation.”

June 2006
“Your villa is beautiful beyond words. It’s as if it stepped out of a picture book. The views and ambiance are incredible. The KYODY website doesn’t do it justice.”

June 2006
“Your beautiful home, gardens & views of the sea made our visit magnificent.”

May 2006
“We could not have chosen a better villa for our honeymoon. We loved the views, gardens & pool.”

May 2006
“Your home is so peaceful, with the magnificent views, sounds & smells. We have been so impressed with your beautiful home, from the moment we walked in, it was just as we had hoped it would be. The things we enjoyed most about your home were:

  • The open doors & windows
  • The beautiful gardens, especially out the kitchen window
  • The American Satellite TV
  • The water pressure
  • CD players and CD’s
  • The Surround Sound speakers so that we could listen to the radio/music all throughout the house (and by the pool and on the decks)
  • The supply of beach chairs
  • The supply of hairdryers & curlers
  • The microwave”

May 2006
“This is our 5th visit to St. Barth’s. Villa Kyody is by far, the best villa we have stayed at. It’s old world charm, many textures and harmony with nature, all contributed to a romantic 2nd honeymoon. Can’t wait to return to your villa!”

February 2006
“Your home is beautiful inside and out. The views are incredible and the attention to detail and care is evident throughout your property.”

23 February 2006
“We’ve been coming to St. Bart’s for 4 years now and this was by far our most relaxing vacation. The house is so comfortable and the views spectacular.”

January 2006
“We have absolutely loved your villa. We found it to be the most comfortable, lovely and suitable villa for our family as compared to our previous visits. We have enjoyed quiet mornings and afternoons at the pool and meals on the terrace.”

December 2005
“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Villa with us for our honeymoon. It exceeded our wildest expectations. We look forward to returning to Villa Kyody and this awesome Island.”

December 2005
“Thank you for sharing the beautiful Villa Kyody with us. We have been coming to St. Barth’s for many years but it is our fist visit to your home. This is without question one of the loveliest and most comfortable places we have ever stayed in. We loved the views from both upstairs and down, inside and out. St. Barth’s feels like our second home and we look forward to returning to Kyody.”

August 2005
“Villa Kyody was a magical exceptional place. Memories of our stay here will last us a lifetime! Honeymooners.”

July 2005
“We were both rather speechless as we entered your property to find that your wonderful pictures on your Villa Kyody website only understated the beauty of the villa, property and the completeness of the furnishings! The water pressure in the shower and the global knives in the kitchen were marvelous surprises. You have given us a treasure of utter relaxation and much needed rest and wonderful memories that will last forever. We await our speedy return to your villa.”

June 2005
“A little slice of Heaven”

June 2005
“We owe you a great ‘Thank you’ for the fabulous atmosphere created here in Villa Kyody. It feels like it was created just for us. The breezes, the architecture, the friendly staff, pool, decks (& fabulous water pressure in the shower) proved to be just what we needed after a long winter in New York. We hope to be back soon.”

May 2005
“Please let us remind you that you have a wonderful home in a wonderful place. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Villa Kyody and hope we get the chance to return someday soon.”

May 2005
“Thank you once again for allowing us to visit your home in paradise. This is our second trip to Villa Kyody, everything was even better than we had remembered. We were able to travel lightly as we already knew how well equipped we would find your house.” (note: these folks have already scheduled their 3rd trip to Kyody in Nov ’06)

23 April 2005
“A week in heaven. It just doesn’t get any better. We’ve come to St. Barth’s several times, but this was the best trip ever! This is a simply lovely Villa. Your good taste and hospitality are evident everywhere. Loved the gardens & the pool! We never had so much fun skinny-dipping!”

March 2005
“This is our 7th year in a row visiting St. Barth’s….always at a different Villa, but we think that Kyody was definitely one of the very best!! We loved the big comfortable beds, porches and secret hideaways everywhere…..and the stunning view of Grand Cul De Sac. Thanks so much for sharing such a gorgeous villa with us.”

February 2005
“This was our sixth visit to St. Barth’s. We’ve stayed at different Villas around the Island and we can truly say that we look forward to returning to Villa Kyody! The Privacy, panoramic views and graciousness of your staff truly exceeded our expectations. On our next trip, we hope to return to your villa Kyody.”

February 2005
“We had a glorious week in your lovely home. The beauty & privacy are unmatched. This is our eighth visit to St. Barth’s and we found a true paradise in Kyody. We hope to return soon.”

January 2005
“Our 2nd year in St. Barth’s and 2nd stay at your wonderful villa. We love it & spend lots of time just enjoying the beautiful views and breezes.”

January 2005
“Our 18th year visiting St. Barth’s. Needless to say we love your Villa (our 2nd stay!).”

November 2004
“We have fallen in love with this Villa. The memories of our stay will last a very long time. Special thanks to your staff for making our stay easy and comfortable.”