These are actual excerpts that can be found in our Villa Kyody Guestbook!

November/December 2007

"This is our 9th trip to St. Barth's. We have had our eye on Villa Kyody for some time. We had HIGH expectations for the appointments and details here. We must say that are expectations were EXCEEDED! We were ga-ga over the details in the villa. The staff were very professional. The sound system was 'Best In Show'!"

August 2007

"We have been to St. Barth's seven times and Villa Kyody is one of our favorites. Everything about our stay was perfect."

August 2007

"This is our 8th trip to St. Barth and our 2nd stay in your beautiful home. We enjoy swimming in the pool with the best view and prettiest rock face on the Island. Kyody is by far our favorite villa we have stayed in."

August 2007

"Thank you for once again allowing us the privilege of staying in your home. One week wasn't enough last year, and ten days are not enough this year. We will be returning again Feb '08."

July 2007

"Villa Kyody has stunning views, gentle breezes and ultimate privacy. Music by the pool and pergola."

July 2007

"We could not have picked a more perfect villa to enjoy our first trip to St. Barth’s for our 20th anniversary. Villla Kyody has so many things to offer and I don’t think we overlooked any of the various wonders of each nook & cranny."

June 2007

"Just wrapping up another stay at your gracious home. This is our second stay here at Villa Kyody and once again, everything is perfect,"

June 2007

"It is absolutely paradise here at your place. We feel so lucky to have experience St. Barth’s while staying at your incredible villa."

May 2007

"This St Barth’s trip was non-stop amazing. It was our second trip to paradise. Your vill is EXQUISITE!"

March 2007

"If we were to design the perfect vacation spot from scratch, this would be it! We will definitely be back next year! (Couple has already rebooked for 2008)"

March 2007

"This is our fifth year coming to St. Bart’s, but we have never stayed anywhere as enchanting as Villa Kyody. From the impeccable gardens to the lovely evening breeze, I can’t think of a more perfect spot on Earth. Even our 20 month old daughter enjoyed it and enjoyed the wildlife (in the garden) including a live tortoise and colorful parrot!"

March 2007

"9 years in a row (to St. Barth’s) and the 2nd year at your fabulous Villa Kyody…we love the big open spaces, especially the new Buddha Garden! Hope to return soon."

February 2007

"20 years on St. Barth’s – many villas – Villa Kyody is special. Very livable & many places to relax, feels like a home."

December 2006

"We sadly bid farewell to the wonderful villa Kyody. This is our 2nd stay in this magical villa and we love it even more this time. The lush grounds are so beautiful and we love the sense of space combined with the coziness."

November 2006

"Our third visit to Kyody and our breathless anticipation was met by changes & upgrades that only improve upon the greatest spot on Earth! What a thoughtful change - covered area with fabulous views. We love the sun but will forever cherish the cool breezes and shade of your newly created spaces. Great vision, great execution."

August 2006

"This was the most incredible honeymoon newlyweds could hope for.   Thank you for providing the perfect setting for a romantic and relaxing vacation."

June 2006

"Your villa is beautiful beyond words.   It's as if it stepped out of a picture book.   The views and ambiance are incredible.   The KYODY website doesn't do it justice."

June 2006

"Your beautiful home, gardens & views of the sea made our visit magnificent."

May 2006

"We could not have chosen a better villa for our honeymoon.   We loved the views, gardens & pool."

May 2006

"Your home is so peaceful, with the magnificent views, sounds & smells.   We have been so impressed with your beautiful home, from the moment we walked in, it was just as we had hoped it would be.    The things we enjoyed most about your home were:

•  The open doors & windows

•  The beautiful gardens, especially out the kitchen window

•  The American Satellite TV

•  The water pressure

•  CD players and CD's

•  The Surround Sound speakers so that we could listen to the radio/music all throughout the house   (and by the pool and on the decks)

•  The supply of beach chairs

•  The supply of hairdryers & curlers

•  The microwave"  

May 2006

"This is our 5th visit to St. Barth's.   Villa Kyody is by far, the best villa we have stayed at.   It's old world charm, many textures and harmony with nature, all contributed to a romantic 2nd honeymoon.   Can't wait to return to your villa!"

February 2006

"Your home is beautiful inside and out.   The views are incredible and the attention to detail and care is evident throughout your property."

February 2006

"We've been coming to St. Bart's for 4 years now and this was by far our most relaxing vacation.   The house is so comfortable and the views spectacular."

January 2006

"We have absolutely loved your villa.   We found it to be the most comfortable, lovely and suitable villa for our family as compared to our previous visits.   We have enjoyed quiet mornings and afternoons at the pool and meals on the terrace."

December 2005

"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Villa with us for our honeymoon.   It exceeded our wildest expectations.   We look forward to returning to Villa Kyody and this awesome Island."

December 2005

"Thank you for sharing the beautiful Villa Kyody with us.   We have been coming to St. Barth's for many years but it is our fist visit to your home.   This is without question one of the loveliest and most comfortable places we have ever stayed in.   We loved the views from both upstairs and down, inside and out.   St. Barth's feels like our second home and we look forward to returning to Kyody."

August 2005

"Villa Kyody was a magical exceptional place.   Memories of our stay here will last us a lifetime!   Honeymooners."

July 2005

"We were both rather speechless as we entered your property to find that your wonderful pictures on your Villa Kyody website only understated the beauty of the villa, property and the completeness of the furnishings!   The water pressure in the shower and the global knives in the kitchen were marvelous surprises.   You have given us a treasure of utter relaxation and much needed rest and wonderful memories that will last forever.   We await our speedy return to your villa."

June 2005

"A little slice of Heaven"

June 2005

"We owe you a great 'Thank you' for the fabulous atmosphere created here in Villa Kyody.   It feels like it was created just for us.   The breezes, the architecture, the friendly staff, pool, decks (& fabulous water pressure in the shower) proved to be just what we needed after a long winter in New York.   We hope to be back soon."


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